I’m a Payer

C2C responds to payers’ needs for a nationwide, full-service diagnostic network with built-in quality-assurance controls and stringent cost-containment parameters.

Our vision:

  • Respond to changes in the workers compensation arena by staying on the “front-end of the wave.”
  • Maintain a firm grasp on pending legislation and deliver relevant information to clients so they can make informed decisions.
  • Use state–of-the-art software and relevant diagnostic procedures and protocol to eliminate unnecessary diagnostic studies.

We understand that time is money.  Therefore we contact the injured worker within 24 hours of receiving the order and schedule the individual for their procedure within 48 hours.  We then send exam reports within 4-48 hours with copies to the case manager and referring doctor.  In most cases, the entire process is completed within three days.

In addition, C2C is committed to reducing the cost of treatment while maintaining the highest quality.  With C2C, payers save:

  • $160 to $400 per procedure on MRIs.
  • $200 to $400 per procedure on electrodiagnostics.

C2C also provides customized monthly or quarterly cost savings reports to give payers a more complete picture of how much money they save.

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